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Start From Millenium 2000

PT. BANGUNREKSA MILLENIUM PERKASA Established in the early of 2000, the new “Millenium Era”, PT.Bangunreksa Millennium Perkasa (BRMPBuildingCeramics.id) has entered into the market of Indonesia. With it’s precise engineered technology for Ceramic Tile the company have made its revolutionary product available in Indonesian market. This new product of Ceramic Tile is come up with its own unique size of 45x45cm tailored made for floor use which made available no where else in Indonesian market. Other revolutionary product that the company has launched into the market is the size 25x33cm made for wall use. Coupled with a strong management skills and full effort of the entire staff, PT.Bangunreksa Millenium Perkasa has finally received an extraordinary response from the market. These revolutionary products as mentioned above has made its benchmark in the market among other similar products made available soon-after the company has released these products. Competition grows in this niche market. Eleven years has passed since the company introduced its revolutionary product in the market. During the growth and advancement of technology throughout these years, the company has focused mainly on the product within Ceramics Tiles. On the year 2011 PT.BRMP have started to spread its wing in the market of Granite/Porcelain Tile. We would like also to introduce that our engineered NANO technology is “Scratch Proof” twice more durable than our competitors product and “Water Resistant” higher resistant than regular Ceramic Tiles. We have realized a growing demand in the market as well as higher competition force it the market. Management team and entire staff at PT.BRMP ready has vowed to maximize their full efforts to compete with our competitors from the country and overseas. PT.BRMP committed to deliver only the excellence and increase our product quality throught the year. By continuosly improving our product in Granite market throught research and development we have set our long term goal in grasping this particular niche market as well apart from the Ceramic Tiles in general.

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